Another day, another multi-million dollar supercar delivered. It's yet another Bugatti Chiron, but it's a special supercar, though, and it has a name: Panda.

We'll give you one guess as to why this is the "Panda" Bugatti Chiron. Done guessing? It's because of the supercar's black and white exterior finishes, which we might add look very good on the car. It's not an incredibly flashy exterior finish, but the subdued colors help the onlooker appreciate the wild design that is the Chiron.

This Chiron was delivered in Saudi Arabia in a pretty nifty way, too. Instead of a simple reveal, the Chiron was boxed with a bunch of black and white balloons. Like the best surprise party ever, the balloons come sailing out after the gentleman drops the side of the box and reveals the supercar in its black and white glory. That's our kind of present and it's a lot more exciting than the socks and ties we normally get.

The Bugatti Chiron isn't the only supercar finished in Panda colors. In fact, the Bugatti Veyron known as "Panda" was also caught on video during an illegal street race in 2014. We never condone street racing, but the car looked great nonetheless.

No Chiron leaves the factory alike since the brand offers dozens of different exterior and interior, leather, trim, and stitching hues. So, it's not likely there will be another Chiron with panda looks, especially since only 500 of these wild machines will be built. Take a look at the car in the accompanying videos above and below.