Nürburgring lap videos typically fall into one of only a handful of categories.

There are the manic, on-the-limit attempts to set blistering times. There are also videos highlighting bad driving or even crashes. Other times, there are simply automaker marketing pieces to show off the latest and greatest sporting machines. The rare type of video we don't often see, however, is a patient and clean lap. This Acura NSX video is just that type of lap.

It's almost refreshing to see the video above. The driver of the NSX, in this case a Honda-badged example, is in complete control of his car. He has plenty of clean track but it's a tourist day, which means there's traffic to interact with as well. When the driver comes upon the traffic, he doesn't stress or become aggressive. He waits for his opening to pass and then does so quickly.

We'd have to assume that this man has driven the 'Ring before. He knows when and where he can stay fast through a number of corners, and he hauls his speed in appropriately in the others. He knows to throw his flashers on when he encounters the yellow flags towards the end of his run, and he also knows you can keep moving under yellow as well.

This is a clean, crisp run in a new supercar driven by a gent who is patient and skilled. Soak it in, because we don't get a lot of these.