You can call him Sir Frank Williams. That's the title he's earned after years of hard work, after all. His business? Racing, and he's pretty damn good at it. His Formula One racing team has won the Constructor's Championship nine times. His drivers have won seven times. Williams has been a dominant figure in the sport for decades now.

Finally, some might say, the Williams saga is getting the treatment it deserves. A film titled simply "Williams" is coming to British theaters on August 4. The documentary will dive into the story behind the story. Before he was Sir Frank, he was Frank Williams serving as a driver and mechanic...and a traveling grocery salesman. He got a taste for fast cars, and it took hold quickly and deeply.

Eventually he began to put the cars together, and in 1979 Williams saw his first team victory. IN 1986, not too long after the racing success, Frank was leaving a racing circuit with a team manager when the two were in a car accident. That crash left Frank Williams paralyzed as a tetraplegic.

Fast forward through the years, and Frank remained focused on winning and he did just that. The support of his wife Virginia helped see him through, and now Frank's own daughter, Claire, runs the show for Williams F1. As you can see in the trailer, she's just as tenacious as her old man. 

The movie is based on the 1992 book "A Different Kind of Life" written by Virginia. "Williams" is a BBC Films, Curzon Artificial Eye production directed by Morgan Mathews.

The William's story joins a heap of other recent and upcoming films that focus on a specific piece of the grand motorsports puzzle. McLaren has a film out, and "Senna" certainly has a place in the hearts of every racing enthusiast. Enzo Ferrari is getting the biopic treatment  and that'll be joined by a Lamborghini film as well. If you love motorsports and enjoy a good bit of cinema, then this is a good time for you.