Ferrari works hard to cater to the wants, needs, and desires of its demanding clientele. That's why programs such as the Corse Clienti exist. This event gives Ferrari owners the chance to push rare and potent racing machines to their limits on famed racing circuits around the world. A recent such event took place at Monza, and a few cameras were thankfully rolling, as you can see above.

The gist of the Corse Clienti F1 program is that a wealthy individual will purchase a used Formula One car. You you do. The owner of that car can store it in their own collection, but they can also have Ferrari hold on to it and maintain it. During a Corse Clienti event, the car will be brought to the track and the owner can drive it as hard as they wish. Ferrari will have a team on site to make sure the car is running as it should.

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There's also the XX Programme. This is where you'll find racing versions of Ferrari road cars. It's similar to the Corse Clienti program, but it's designed around cars like the 599XX, FXX, and FXX-K.

So if you happen to be lucky enough to simply hang out trackside while either event is underway, you're in for an aural treat. The older F1 cars sound so much better than the cars of today. Additionally, the XX Programme cars sound truly monstrous. Click play on the video above to see (and hear) for yourself. 


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