We hope you didn't click on this story to watch Hyundai's ad ahead of this year's Super Bowl; you won't find it here. That's because it hasn't even been filmed yet.

The Korean automaker says that it will film a 90 second documentary during the game itself and that it will run in the "post gun" period between the end of play and the trophy ceremony. The documentary apparently won't talk much about Hyundai's cars and crossovers; instead, the automaker intends to share what it says will be some of the best moments on the sidelines of the game itself.

To do so, Hyundai has tapped director Peter Berg, whose directorial credits include Friday Night Lights, Hancock,  and Deepwater Horizon.

But Hyundai isn't holding everything back until after the conclusion of Super Bowl LI in Houston. The company says it will release two teasers during the AFC and NFC Championship games this weekend. The teasers, featuring Joe Montana and Mike Singletary, will provide some clues as to what director Berg intends to capture on the sidelines at NRG Stadium. 

It's a bold move for Hyundai, which last year featured in its Super Bowl ad Kevin Hart and what was then known as the Hyundai Genesis (and is now part of the automaker's Genesis sub-brand). That ad was one of the highest-rated during the entire championship, so it's somewhat of a surprise to see the automaker's actual products apparently taking a back seat this year.