The home of Lamborghini lies in the town of Sant'Agata Bolognese, in northern Italy.

Along with sharing the name of a delicious type of sauce, the city is where the big bag bullish supercars are researched, developed, and built. Lamborghini recently held a competition to help it establish a greater presence over its hometown. Two winners were selected, and the results of the competition are two large sculptures that will occupy a pair of roundabouts.

The first bit of art comes courtesy of an Italian design firm. To our eyes, it almost looks like an abstract take on a bull's horn climbing up out of the ground. That might not be what the designers are going for, but we're going to pretend that is what it is because it sounds cool. Think of it as a more artistic rival to the famous prancing horse sculpture in nearby Maranello.

The second roundabout will get a unique piece of artwork that's been created by a team from London. This one changes how it appears based on the angle at which you're viewing. The idea is that a Lamborghini car does just that as it can be a static angular expression or a speeding blur of style and noise.

The sculptures will be placed in their new Italian homes sometime in the next year.