If you're going to speed down the road, we don't believe the best vehicle for the task is an eye-catching prototype of an upcoming American supercar.

Still, that didn't stop a trio of Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] engineers from pushing the throttle down a bit when traipsing through the Colorado mountains during testing for the upcoming GT supercar back in September. Two of three were said to have been clocked driving 101 mph in a 50 zone, while one wasn't speeding.

Now though, as Vail Daily reports, it seems the accrued charges are being dropped.

Because the three vehicles are the same make, model and color, and they were all wearing identical manufacturer plates,  the prosecutors can't accurately say which driver was behind the wheel of which car. Since one of the three drivers was observing the speed limit, that means the goody-two-shoes of the bunch just ensured that the whole trio gets off without a blemish on their driving records.

When you can't tell who was behind the wheel of the two offending cars, then you can't correctly meter out punishment. Had all three been clocked at the same 101 mph pace, then the speeding and reckless driving charges first applied would still stand. Instead, the Ford engineers are probably relegated to a good tongue lashing from the higher ups and then a sly thumbs up afterward for getting the cars in the news. The same probably isn't true for the 19-year-old that was caught going 208 mph in a modified Mustang a week ago.