If you don't know who Bisi Ezerioha is, you probably have at least heard of his tuning company. He runs a shop called Bisimoto, and it turns almost any vehicle out there into a high-horsepower road beast. Bisi and his team have cranked out crazy minivans, insane Porsches, and plenty more. Now, Hyundai has teamed up with Bisimoto to bring the world something unnecessary and awesome. Say hello to the Santa Fast.

This is a Hyundai Santa Fe. Except its 3.8-liter V-6 engine has been reworked. Massively so. It now produces 1,040 horsepower, and the drivetrain has been converted to a rear-wheel-drive configuration. Yes, you read that correctly. Someone out there has built a rear-driver Santa Fe making over 1,000 hp.

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How did they do it? Well, Bisi and his team completely reworked the Hyundai engine. They also added new electronics, a pair of turbochargers, and an intercooler. There's new fuel delivery bits, wiring harnesses, camshafts and valves, and even upgraded studs and bolts. Basically, anything that could be changed and upgraded has received new components.

Additionally, the Santa Fe now sports a 6-speed manual gearbox plucked from a Hyundai Genesis Coupe. It's supported by an aluminum flywheel and a beefy clutch. Bisimoto then went and upgraded the rear differential to the one found in the Equus, popped in a custom rear sub-frame, and then added custom axles and half shafts. The Santa Fast also sits on KW coil-over suspension.

There's no playing around when you're adding this much horsepower. It's clear Bisi and his team know this well, which is why everything has been given a massive upgrade to support that new power output.

The Santa Fast will be on display at the 2016 SEMA show, which runs November 1-4 in Las Vegas.