Miata fans around the world are... well, they're probably split on how they feel about the MX-5 RF. Regardless, the rest of us are mostly excited, as a Miata with a real roof is an exciting prospect for those of us who enjoy the Miata but don't long for a convertible.

The RF is nearly ready to party with all of us, but first up it arrives in Launch Edition form. That also means that the first few folks who get a crack at it are Mazda loyalists.

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Mazda is extending special invites complete with codes to a number of people who it thinks will be interested in the RF Launch Edition. Just 1,000 of the special edition models will be built, and they're all going to be finished in that lovely Machine Gray Metallic hero color. The only option one can choose is whether you want to row your own gears or let an automatic handle it for you.

How much for the pleasure of getting your hands on one of these limited machines? A $500 refundable deposit grabs your spot, and then you need to pony up around $34k. It's actually $33,840 for the manual or $34,925 for the automatic, and then add another $835 for destination and handling. Besides the car, you're also getting a custom-designed and serialized Tourneau watch.

If all 1,000 aren't sold through the pre-order process, the Launch Edition will then be made available to the general public starting on October 3.