Just when you thought 8- and 9-speed automatic transmissions were ridiculous, Ford and GM announced a 10-speed. Like a late-night infomercial would say: but wait, there's more! Honda recently patented an 11-speed, triple clutch transmission. Filed with the Japanese patent office, it's unclear what application this new transmission would be used for, but a small, economy-oriented vehicle might make the most sense.

The one-off Hellcat-powered Ram 1500 sent the Internet into a tizzy last month. Yesterday we received more details regarding the build straight from the dealership responsible for this monster. We now know it retains the truck's four-wheel-drive system as well as the stock eight-speed automatic transmission. While the truck hasn't undergone a final tune or dyno session, it's believed to be making at least 707 horsepower, if not more, thanks for a few bolt on accessories.

The process of shuttering the Scion brand and folding some current models under the Toyota umbrella is in full swing, and the FR-S has just been refreshed and reborn with an 86 badge. For 2017 it starts from $27,120, which is $950 more than the outgoing FR-S model. A host of chassis, interior, and styling updates go along with the new badge and name.

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