Laguna Seca's corkscrew isn't famous because everyone gets it right.

The combination of corners—lovingly 8 and 8A—combines a hard left and hard right with little camber to help and a five-story drop to make it even harder. By the time you're done with turn 9, cars have dropped more than 100 feet. (Note: Turn 9 is no walk in the park either. The long, fast sweeper is nearly the same test of courage as the corners before it.)

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All of that disappearing roadway in the corkscrew is a challenge, even pro guys like the driver in this clip. Allegedly part of a McLaren track day, The DuPont Registry reported that the hotshoe was aiming to lay down a quick lap for clients to admire in a P1 GTR. Unfortunately, the back end stepped way out on 8A and our ace became a spectator, just like us. In the video, we can hear the driver hold the throttle a little longer in a heroic attempt to catch it, but then he has to get hard on the brakes.

Thankfully, the multimillion-dollar track toy was kept clear of the wall, and no one was injured.

The 986-horsepower hypercar is one of only a few examples in the world, and far too pretty to be pasted into a wall at a routine track day. So, as a reminder, unless your name is Alex Zanardi, mess with the corkscrew and it will likely win in the end.


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