A Honda engine hasn't given you a thrill like this in some time. That's because this particular one is powering an Indy Car driven by Graham Rahal. He's piloting the machine around Wisconsin's crown jewel, otherwise known as Road America. If you click play on that video above, you'll be transported into Graham's seat. Thankfully, you can let him handle the driving, though...you'd probably crash this one.

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It's an angle like this that gives you a great appreciation for just how fast these cars and drivers go. We're also quite amazed at just how quickly that gearbox can go from sixth gear down to second with a few quick bumps of the carbon fiber paddle shifter. Rahal drops that many cogs when it's time to take on some of the tighter sections of the course, but then it's all throttle and rapid upshifts as he makes his way across the straight bits.

The steering wheel may not as advanced or dramatic as the kind found in the cockpit of a F1 racer. Still, this one does everything it needs to and we like seeing the "SHIFT" light flash on the screen in front of Graham's face. As if the high-revving whir wouldn't provide an appropriate indication that it's time to move to the next gear.

Grab some headphones, let the full 1080 version buffer, turn down the lights, and pretend you're driving an Indy Car around Road America.


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