More than 13,000 people in the Seattle area have signed up to be a part of BMW's new car- and ride-sharing service in the United States.

ReachNow is what BMW bills a "premium car sharing" service positioned as an alternative to the likes of ZipCar and Car2Go. 

“The rapid adoption of ReachNow in Seattle is proof-positive of the demand for a premium car sharing alternative that provides an experience as convenient as owning a car,” said Marcus Krieg, Head of BMW's Car Sharing Business division.

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BMW ReachNow

BMW ReachNow

The automaker's ReachNow program launched just under a month ago in Seattle as an extension of a similar service it offers in select European markets. BMW has about 370 cars available to Seattleites. 

Additionally, BMW says that it has plucked a new CEO for ReachNow from the Seattle area. The group will be headed up by Steve Banfield, who joins ReachNow from Kirkland, Washington-based INRIX, a connected car services firm.

BMW's new rmobility service differs from those offered by other firms in that it draws exclusively from the automaker's lineup and users can have vehicles delivered directly to them. Other ride-sharing services, like Daimler's Car2Go, utilize a smaller range of vehicle types and require users to locate an available car on their own.


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