The BMW M2 represents what the brand used to do best. It's a focused machine that promises to provide its driver with an engaging, enjoyable experience. It's not about blasting up to its top speed, but rather attacking a local racing circuit or your favorite curvy canyon road. Still, if you do happen to own a BMW M2 and you also happen to live near an unrestricted section of the Autobahn, then why not see what the car is made of?

That's what one owner recently did, while shooting a video focused on the tach and speedometer. The needle swings pretty easily up to 275 km/h which is 171 mph. That's a bit more than the 155 mph limit you might've been expecting. Sure, the "average" M2 is limited to 155 mph, but this owner spent more dough to get the optional BMW M Driver's package that, according to BMW Blog, takes the limit of the car up to 168 mph. Perhaps this owner had a nice little tailwind or a slightly downhill section of road, and thus was able to see that 171-mph mark.

After that portion of the video is done after a minute and 12 seconds, you can listen to the exhaust note of the car. Just don't stick around for too long, though, as the rest of the rather lengthy 11-minute, 14-second video is the same rear shot of the car revving. It's like a movie with 30 minutes of story and an hour and a half of credits. The uploader does it so he can put more than one ad in his video and reap a few more ad bucks. So click out after the top-speed run and you'll get what you need from this clip.


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