Jeep enthusiasts are no strangers to Moab, Utah, and neither are Jeep designers and engineers. The folks from Jeep once again descended on scenic Moab for the annual Easter Jeep Safari and they came with a truckload of new concepts. And, because they like to get dirty, they even took them off road.

The annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari is one of the country's biggest gatherings of off-road vehicles and it serves as something of a capability showcase for the Jeep division. This year marked the event's 50th anniversary—to go along with Jeep's 75th birthday. To mark the two occasions, Jeep brought seven new concepts to the event.

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In this video, we get to see the concepts in action and we hear from the division's marketing, design, and engineering departments about what went into the creation of these vehicles. This year's lineup was focused as much on modifying the Wrangler as it was the company's small Renegade crossover. Naturally, a few heritage-inspired vehicles also call to mind the Forward Control and the J-Series pickups. 

One question that remains unanswered is just whether a pickup is set to return to Jeep's lineup for the first time in more than 20 years (not counting the kit offered through dealership parts counters to convert a Wrangler Unlimited into a light-duty truck). The concepts certainly tease enthusiasts with the idea of a pickup truck. 

Watch as Jeep introduces fans and media to these cool Jeep concepts. We hope more than one of them make it to market soon.