Last year, we shared a video showing the team at AMS Performance taking its Nissan GT-R to the quarter-mile dragstrip and setting a new world record. The Alpha Omega GT-R blitzed down the strip in just 7.48 seconds. The trap speed was in the low 190-mph range. It's an insane show of speed for a car that's quite easily driven on the street. Well, AMS needs to get back to work because there's a new GT-R speed king in town, and it's arrived thanks to T1 Race Development.

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Reworking the car, but utilizing the stock block, T1 has created a vehicle pumping out a ludicrous 2,276 horsepower. There are many custom parts on it, a number of which T1 developed itself. The creator of the car states the goal from the beginning was to set records. T1 did that with the horsepower figure, and then did it again when the car hit 253 mph in just a half mile.

Now T1 has done it again with its own trip down the quarter mile. The GT-R records a fastest time of 7.38 seconds at 195 mph. Once the dragstrip records have fallen, the T1 GT-R heads back to the street. There, it's taken for a little stroll while the driver stops to pick up a well earned treat. This is a demonic, record-setting street car, but it's still clearly very easily driven down the road.

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