The Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act is truly a wonderful piece of legislation if you're a lover of all things automotive. It means that all of those kit, replica, and small batch companies have a nearly free path to create excellent motoring machines. It means a company like Superformance can now sell you a turnkey, 50-state-legal Daytona Coupe replica. It also means you can live out your Marty McFly fantasies, because DeLorean Motor Company recently announced it's going to start offering "new" DMC-12 coupes.

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The Texas-based company bought all of the parts that the original Irish-by-way-of-Detroit automaker had on hand when it went bankrupt. It's called DeLorean Motor Company, just like the original, and its cars will look just as they did when they were new from 1981 through '83. This time around, though, we wouldn't be surprised if there are a few more lively powertrain options.

There's no denying the appeal, and DeLorean has put out a sort of "thank you" ad for all of the recent excitement over the announcement that there will soon be 2017 DMC-12s available. It's a loving and rather artsy look at a young man and his gullwing-laden retro ride. Still, it's beautifully shot and the song is a pretty perfect match for the footage.

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It won't take much in the way of advertising to get those interested in the DMC-12 to pony up the dough, as this is a car that you either lust after or don't. If you are in the former group, you can soon put a "brand new" DeLorean in your garage.