Mulliner is the arm of Bentley that's responsible for making dreams come those who already have the means to make such things happen. It's the bespoke customization department for Bentley, and it's been offering up seriously luxurious options on already seriously luxurious vehicles. Now there are some new options, and Bentley has chosen to show them off on its Flying Spur sedan.

Starting toward the fairly standard end, we have the ability for customers to paint the interior finishes of their cars. You can now select a color scheme from Bentley's extended palette for the veneers of your cabin space. Want to add a bit of scent as well? Mulliner will supply your seating space with a pair of sterling silver atomizers. These can be filled with water for a fine misty spritz of perfume to appease your delicate nostrils.

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Bentley Mulliner Rear Seat With Champagne Cooler

Bentley Mulliner Rear Seat With Champagne Cooler

Stepping up a few notches, you can add some options to make the ride all the more cossetting. A refrigerated bottle cooler fits between the rear seats, and the cupholders happily accept the bespoke champagne flutes. You don't drive, you get driven, and that means you're free to enjoy a bit of bubbly. It's not just you riding in style, though, as you can also outfit a hide-trimmed storage compartment to hold your watch. We imagine this watch costs anywhere between what you'd spend on a gently used Honda Civic for the gardener on up to the price of a brand-new Flying Spur, so it's probably a safe place to stow your delicate jewelry.

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Finally, Mulliner’s signature quilt pattern can also be applied to the center console, seat bolsters, and door panels. Who doesn't want a little bit of extra design flair for a few thousand dollars?

Mulliner likes to tout a number of these optional extras, but the truth is that a customer can pretty much have whatever they desire. If they have the cash, Mulliner exists to make their dreams and whims a reality.


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