You're never going to drive the Aston Martin DB10. Even if you had the money to afford an Aston, you can't buy the DB10. Same goes with the Jaguar CX-75. Both are concept vehicles created in small batch form to perform an automotive dance on either side of good and evil. They play a starring role in the latest Bond film Spectre. They can now play a starring role in your living room activities though, as Scalextric has created a version you can afford.

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This awesome set runs $175 and features both the Jag and the Aston in 1:32 scale. Now, the set itself isn't quite as grand as the mountain run shown in the video above. It does, however, have a long sweeping turn, a section of track where the cars could cross and crash, and a jump. Not bad for some minimalist James Bond fantasy fun.

While you're on the Scalextric website (, be sure to browse some of the coming models for 2016. We're not going to spoil the fun but if you're looking to add some amazing scale racing machines to your collection, it seems this coming year is going to be rather fruitful.


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