If nothing else, the latest James Bond movie will have some of the best cars in the franchise's history. In Spectre, Daniel Craig's 007 will take the wheel of an Aston Martin DB10—a model designed especially for the movie—while the bad guys will get the keys to the stillborn Jaguar C-X75 hybrid supercar.

One of the film's big car scenes will involve a chase with the Aston and Jag through Rome. This video offers a peek at the action, which should be pretty spectacular when Spectre hits theaters in October.

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It's crazy enough to see regular production cars going off jumps, power-sliding around corners, and crashing for the camera, but it's even more remarkable to see such rare items as the DB10 and C-X75 exposed to the abuses of movie stunt work.

Aston Martin will only build 10 examples of the DB10—just enough to satisfy the needs of the film's production crew. They won't be officially offered for sale, and it's likely only one or two copies will survive filming intact.

While the styling may indicate a next-generation production model, the two-seat DB10 is actually based on a chopped version of the VH architecture that underpins all current Astons.

The Jaguar C-X75 that will play the villain to the DB10's hero started out as a concept car with a novel hybrid powertrain that used turbines. A turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder replaced them when Jaguar made a bid to put the car into production. That didn't pan out, but now the C-X75 has a new life as a movie star.

The orange supercar seen in this video is one of several Jaguar Land Rover models that will be sprinkled throughout the movie. It's likely one of the engineering prototypes Jaguar built before the project was cancelled. Early reports suggest the unproven hybrid powertrain has been replaced by a 5.0-liter V-8 for filming work.

Spectre continues a 50-year relationship between James Bond and Aston Martin that goes back to the iconic, gadget-laden DB5 from Goldfinger. Jaguars have popped up in numerous Bond films as well, including Die Another Day, which featured an XKR convertible armed with rockets and a Gatling gun.


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