The supercar is supposed to be aggressive to the point of being rough. It's supposed to have faults that are overlooked because of how well it drives. It's supposed to be a compromise. It doesn't have to be those things, though, and the Lamborghini Huracán is the perfect bit of proof of that idea.

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Lambo's latest smaller bull blends the best bits of Audi with the passionate engineering that comes come from the Italian side of the family. The interior space is exotic looking yet comfortable, all of the switch gear works, and the gauge cluster is a technological delight. Out back sits a 5.2-liter V-10 engine that wails forth with 610 horsepower, and it sends that power out to all four wheels with a delightful bias to the rear.

This is a vehicle that can stop passersby dead in their tracks, make children smile, adults look on with mild jealousy, and cause dogs to cower a bit in the presence of a louder animal. Yet it can also be easily pressed into daily use, as long as you don't need to pick up a ton of groceries. It's civil in traffic, doesn't get too hot in the cabin, and you can quiet the exhaust noise if desired.

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Yet you can also turn it into a rip-snarling beast with the press of a button or two. Put the Huracán in Sport mode to send the greatest amount of power rearward, open up the exhaust baffles, then mash the throttle, and you'll find there's plenty of super to be found in this car.


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