BMW wants you to get excited for its all-new 2016 7-Series. The gas-powered flagship of the brand has been completely rejiggered, so it's time for the car to get out there and meet and greet potential buyers. One way to do that is to hold customer events. Another is to have folks come to the dealerships. BMW enacted a new idea over the weekend, and it involved using your phone to order up a ride from Uber.

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If you live in New York, Miami, Chicago, or Los Angeles, you could have hitched a ride in the back of a brand-new BMW 7-Series this past weekend. The automaker teamed up with Uber to offer customers the chance to receive the chauffeur treatment or even jump behind the wheel themselves. We're sure the lighter, more balanced big Beamer was more than up to the task of shuttling the Uber-tapping masses.

If you missed your shot at an upscale Uber experience, perhaps you have the coin to buy the car and take the trip everyday. It hits dealerships later this month, and you'll need at least $83,000 to have the pleasure. That seems a bit more expensive than your average Uber least when it's not during surge pricing.


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