The reaction time necessary to operate a race car at the highest level is probably calculated somewhere between lightning fast and impossible. A Formula Two driver had the chance to prove he or she has got what it takes recently during an exceptionally rainy race day at the Belgium's legendary Spa. Shortly after taking it relatively easy through Eau Rouge, the driver was up in a straight section of track. There the blinding rain took its time revealing the mess ahead.

A number of racers were braking hard or even coming to a stop to avoid a collision. The driver in the video was moving at speed and had little time to react. In that short amount of time, the racer got hard on the brakes, swerved to the left, dialed in opposite lock to get out of the grass, and then put the car back on the track while also avoiding all other cars and the wall.

From there it was a momentary measure of taking a quick breather to gather one's wits, and back on the throttle to continue the race. That's a serious display of skill. That's racing. That's why we love motorsports, and those who do it well.


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