The Volvo S60 and V60 Polestar cars are simply wonderful driving machines. These cars boast a 345-horsepower turbocharged inline six-cylinder engine that sends power out to all four wheels. The 0-60 run happens in under five seconds. Additionally, the Polestar sedans and wagons featured nearly magical suspension tuning thanks to the use of Öhlins at each corner. Further adding to the appeal is the fact that the S60 and V60 Polestar were offered up in supremely limited numbers. Now though, those numbers are about to expand... a tiny bit.

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Initially, Volvo sent just 120 cars to the U.S. That 120 vehicles breaks down into 80 wagons and 40 sedans, which is fantastic since wagons rule and all. That 120-vehicle run was part of a global production pace of 750 vehicles. Now Volvo is prepping another 750-car-run for the planet, and the U.S. will see 274 of them for the 2016 model year. That's still a pretty low number but it's a nice step up from the 2015 example.

The breakdown will have 109 sedans and 165 wagons arriving on our shores. Those who bought into the initial 120-car run could possibly be a bit miffed that their extremely rare machines are about to be downgraded to still amazingly rare. There will be less than 400 examples total once the 2016 Polestars arrive. If you didn't act appropriately the first time around, now's the chance to right that wrong and put a rare and gloriously blue longroof in your garage.


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