You have an S13 with extra steering angle? NASA has an electric buggy with 180-degree steering on all four wheels. But is drifting really drifting if you’re not sliding the rear wheels?

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Fans of the Razor Crazy Cart will clamor loudly in favor of the rear-steer drift definition. Fans of actual drifting may not. Whatever side you land on, however, NASA’s new electric robotic prototype, the Modular Robotic Vehicle (MRV), is awesome.

The MRV is capable of 40 mph, according to NASA, but is currently limited to 15 mph during testing. At 7 feet long and 5 feet wide, with a 2,000-pound curb weight, it’s a small, nimble vehicle even before the wild steering system comes into play.

Okay, sure, it looks dorky. But it has liquid-cooled motors, a quick-release racing steering wheel, race seats, and a future that could see it operating in space. As an autonomous robot car. IN SPACE.

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As the video above demonstrates, the MRV can not only drift like a beast, it can drive completely sideways—and just about any other way you can imagine.