Scottish gas magnate Gareth Jones’ Pagani Zonda has lived a very, very hard life. Originally specified as a Zonda S, it was crashed, then sent back to Pagani and re-created as the special-edition Zonda GJ, after Jones’ initials. Now it has been crashed again.

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In Jones’ defense, he wasn’t at the wheel either time his Zonda was crashed. His friends, however, have no defense. They’ve now smashed the same $1.5-million-plus car twice.

In the latest instance, as reported by Unilad, the Zonda GJ was traveling at what was almost certainly an illicit rate of speed when it came in very intimate contact with a wrought iron fence. The resulting damage is more extensive than you might expect, essentially shredding much of the bodywork. It’s unclear if there is also structural damage.

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What can we learn from this? Mostly that very expensive, high-horsepower cars with a temperament can be hard to drive, especially for the inexperienced. What should Gareth Jones learn from this? STOP LENDING YOUR CAR OUT, MAN!!!

No, seriously. Stop. Your friends apparently don't know how to.

Borrowed Pagani Zonda GJ crashed in London. Image via Unilad.

Borrowed Pagani Zonda GJ crashed in London. Image via Unilad.


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