Caught on video and in photos both before the crash and after, this Pagani Zonda F appears to be fundamentally destroyed after taking an excursion across the sidewalk and into some not-very-forgiving obstacles.

The Zonda F may not ring a bell for some, having been released about 10 years ago. The final Zonda F Roadster, however, was built in just 2011. Lately, it has mostly made the news when an owner crashes one.

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But in its day, the Zonda F was every bit as newsworthy as the Huayra is today. Packing the 7.3-liter AMG-sourced V-12 Pagani has made famous, with up to 650 horsepower on tap, it has never been a wilting flower.

Utterly smashed from both the front and the rear, with not a corner of the car appearing untouched, this Zonda F, however, looks to be a goner. With enough money and technicalities, it may yet live again, but it won’t be the same car—not really.

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The video, via World Car Fans, shows both the car driving calmly before the accident and the aftermath of the sidewalk-exploring smash-up. What caused it? Is the driver (and any passenger) OK? It’s not clear in the translation from Arabic to English, but it appears excess speed was involved.

Can’t say we’re surprised.