Long charging times are a major drawback of modern electric cars, leading many researchers and companies to look for new charging technologies.

One of those new proposed solutions to the problem of long charging times comes from an Israeli firm called Storedot, which claims it’s just one year away from a workable system that can charge electric cars in minutes.

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The company demonstrated its battery-powered charging dock for phones at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, and told the BBC that it plans to move into the electric-car field.

In an interview at CES, Storedot CEO Doron Myersdorf said in one year the company plans to show “a model of a car that can charge in three minutes.”

That would be essentially the same speed as filling the tank of a gasoline-powered car.

Myersdorf implied that many of his company’s batteries could be combined into a large pack, citing the example of Tesla. These batteries use an “organic” chemistry that allows for faster movement of ions between the cathode and anode.

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However, these batteries lack the energy density of the lithium-ion cells used in most electronic devices and electric cars today. That means they store less energy in a given volume.

Myersdorf also noted that none of Storedot’s claims about charging speed have been peer reviewed. Even if they are confirmed through independent laboratory testing, the technology isn’t guaranteed to make the leap from experiment to consumer product.

It takes years of development to commercialize something like this, and many seemingly-promising battery technologies don’t make it through that process at all.

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