Like a modern update on a classic horror movie, it appears that the ghost of Lucas Electrical may have just returned to haunt the modern brand: Jaguar is recalling some of its 2015 model year XJ, XF, and F-Types built between late August and mid-September, and it's partially due to an issue with the electrical system.

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It seems that the positive battery cable could come loose at the alternator, which could result in an electrical short, that could in turn result in a fire. Worse--or at least as bad--the cars are also being recalled due to the fact that the Front End Accessory Belt and/or Power Assist Steering pulley could come loose or detach, resulting in a loss of power steering assist, potentially causing a crash.

Recently, Jaguar also announced a different recall with its F-Type relating to the passenger seat belt tensioner system. All of these recalls are serious in safety terms, yet none have come by way of a crash issue, which means Jaguar is a step ahead of the game here... relatively speaking. This latest recall action only affects 272 vehicles, unlike the earlier F-Type recall which hits all of the 2014-2015 model year examples.

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