A recall notice has been issued for the 2014 and 2015 Jaguar F-Type. No, it's not to quiet down the exhaust note (thank goodness), but rather to fix a potential issue related to the seatbelt harness connector.

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It seems that the connection between the Seatbelt Tensioner Sensor and the Occupant Classification Sensor Control Module may not have been correctly wired. This is bad news for front-seat passengers, as these systems talk to the Restraint Control Module, and the car is informed as to what manner of human is sitting in the shotgun seat. Faulty information given here could lead to a front-airbag deployment injury for a young child.

Normally, the car knows when and when not to deploy the passenger airbag. If this Seatbelt Tensioner Sensor is incorrectly wired, it could leave the airbag active even if a child safety seat has been buckled into place.

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The potential number of vehicles affected is the full 7,079 vehicle run. So far only three reports of warning lights attesting to the fact that this could be an issue have been reported and investigated. There are no reported injuries related to this issue, and dealerships are notifying customers of the issue at this time. The recall repair process will begin on January 5th, 2015.


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