Let's get this out of the way first; it's pronounced WUS-Tah, not WAR-Chester. Okay, got that? Good. Now, the story at hand here is that a drunk driver plowed into the bedroom of a sleeping Worcester man. Yes, I said man. You may be forgiven for initially thinking this is the bedroom of a child.

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Now, I'm not one to judge here as I'm currently writing this story from my office, which has all manner of scale cars about. They range from Hot Wheels up to pricey pieces from Automodello. I have automotive memorabilia all around this room. This is the way 71-year-old Terry decided to decorate his own bedroom, which was rudely rearranged at 2:30 a.m. thanks to a drunk and wayward motorist.

The car crashed through the wall and wound up on the other side of the bed that also occupied a sleeping Terry. This is not the kind of snuggle partner you want to wake up next to, seeing as it's too hot, too loud, and also a car.

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