Right now, Koenigsegg’s only model available in the U.S. is the 1,140-horsepower Agera R, sold exclusively at Manhattan Motorcars in New York. However, the Swedish supercar brand has much more ambitious plans for the world’s biggest market for performance cars, with more dealers and additional models in the pipeline.

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After a recent visit to the company’s headquarters in Ängelholm, Car and Driver discovered that one of the six One:1 supercars destined for production will end up in the U.S., with Manhattan Motorcars given the rights to sell the car. However, since the 1,341-hp One:1 lacks federal homologation, the car is to be brought in under Show and Display rules.

That won’t be the case for Koenigsegg’s future models as the brand, despite building only 22-24 cars per year, plans to ensure all of its cars fully comply with U.S. regulations, which includes the fitment of smart airbags—an extremely costly requirement that held back Pagani for years and is still holding back Lotus from selling some of its cars here. Koenigsegg will also add three more dealerships in North America to serve the U.S. market as well as Canada.

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Koenigsegg is keen to boost production and is already readying a new model to join its Agera range and One:1. More details on this new model will be released next year. Previously, we heard that Koenigsegg was looking at launching a more affordable model, one costing roughly half the $1.65 million that the Agera R commands, and it’s possible this is the model we’ll be hearing about next year.


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