The Lamborghini Aventador is an aggressive machine. It's a lone wolf. It can stalk prey on its own, and it enjoys solitary nighttime blasts through curvy canyon roads. So what happens when you get three of these lone wolves together? An oddly terrifying sort of music.

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Three Aventador owners showed off this phenomenon recently when they lined up their supercars and let those within in five-mile radius have it. The resulting cacophony of V-12 x 3 is loud... but it's also bright and brilliant thanks to the flames being spit out of the rear of the cars. This trio of bulls have entered into a flame-off battle.

Right out of the gate, the match is being led by the orange Lamborghini. It produces a steady stream of fire, making the other two bulls appear to back down from the challenge. That's not the case, however, for the black Aventador. The resulting fire exiting the exhaust here is massive and mean. The third Aventador can only bow down to the other two, while the black Aventador claims its prize.

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It can now mate with other cars in the area to create a new pack of baby Lamborghinis. These newborns will be known as Huracans. 


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