Close your eyes. I want you to picture an event called Lamborghini Festival. What does it look like in your head? If you said a parade of varying Lamborghini examples parking near jets in a hangar, coupled with beautiful people and smiling happy faces, you'd be correct. That's exactly what you should expect from a Lamborghini Festival, but you should be happy to know that such an event also gives plenty back.

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In Texas, the Lamborghini Festival 2014 unfolded over the course of three days. It started with a cocktail party and fashion show, but the minty fresh Huracán was the attention getter of the evening. Well, that is if you didn't get excited by the Miura, various Countach examples, and the LM002 that all showed up. Oh and the insanely awesome private jets.

The following day, those who registered were able to take part in a driving event through the hill country of Texas. Valentino Balboni was on hand to, well we assume he was there just to be his awesome self and share some amazing stories. The final day saw the cars assemble in a more public space. A large number of vehicles basically formed a car show, which was open to the public.

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At the beginning I said the event gave plenty back, and I meant it. Proceeds from the event were donated to two worthwhile charities: The Ballard House and Bennett's Bears. Anytime you bring together cool cars, sleek planes, and what appears to be a good party, and then also donate money to charity, we have to call that a win-win event.


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