Volkswagen is pretty excited to share its new Global Rallycross car. The vehicle in question is a highly modified VW Beetle, and its a bug that doesn't like to be called Herbie. There's good reason for that too, seeing as the GRC Beetle makes 540 horsepower from its 1.6-liter inline turbo four and can run from 0-60 miles per hour in well under three seconds... on dirt.

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This latest video goes a bit more into the details relating to the actual design of the car. It's not a deep dive or anything, but it does give you a taste of what the designers were going for. There's the obvious addition of more aggressive aero bits, but it's also interesting to see that the team actually starts with a far amount of standard Beetle.

There are just four GRC races left in the season, and Volkswagen (along with Andretti Racing) could see a strong finish. Tanner Foust is mid pack in the Driver's Championship but teammate Scott Speed currently sits in the third spot overall. Additionally, Volkswagen is currently in second place for the Manufacturer's Championship, but Ford is pulling out a strong lead for the top spot.

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The next race happens in Los Angeles, and it's where we hope to see the Beetles make their competition debut. So far, both Speed and Foust have been competing in the VW Polo cars.


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