When you open your car door, do you sometimes forget what vehicle you're driving? Is your car collection so vast that you occasionally find yourself stepping out of your vehicle only to realize you've brought the wrong one to the country club and your golf clubs are in your Range Rover?

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It's called Forgetful Car Owner Syndrome, and it happens more often than you'd think. Sadly, it can cause serious issues for you and your loved ones.

If you suffer from FCOS, there used to be no hope. Those days are about to be over, however, because BMW is here to help.

With the simple purchase of a new 2-Series Convertible, FCOS will now benefit from the LED Door Projector. This amazing breakthrough in FCOS science allows the owner of the vehicle to see exactly which brand of door they have just opened. No more country club follies, and no more embarrassment. The BMW LED Door Projector presents a large, bright roundel at your feet.

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Rejoice FCOS sufferers, your future is looking far brighter... thanks to BMW.

Warning: Side effects include a heightened sense of superiority, the sudden inability to park within the designated space, and an increased amount of amnesia regarding turn signal usage. Consult your driver's handbook should these effects persist.


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