The 2014 Paris Auto Show is set to begin in early October. Infiniti is ready for the action to start because the automaker just released a photo and some text well ahead of the event. It's a teaser, and there's not much to it, but we'd be remiss if we didn't join every other outlet in reporting on this nothingness.

The text of the release reads:

"Soon, Infiniti will share a vision – its soul – on a scale not seen before from the company.

For now, this. For more −

À bientôt."

That last bit leads to the Paris Auto Show as it's French for "See you soon". The idea of a grand scale concept means we could be seeing some sort of brand defining flagship. Those are both just guesses, with the first one being an educated one and the second one being more of a stab in the dark. If you're a fan of the Infiniti brand, maybe this is enough to get you excited. If you're a fan of automobiles in general, well, you probably need a bit more to go on.

We don't blame you.

As nice as the curvature of that grille appears to be, it tells us exactly zero about what's most important to us. How much horsepower are we dealing with? Which wheels are putting the power down? What kind of gearbox is being utilized? Finally, when can we drive it? Until those questions are answered, we're just left staring at a small part of a much larger picture.


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