Jaguar’s upcoming XE small sedan, set for a reveal in September ahead of a U.S. sales launch in 2016, will be the automaker’s first model equipped with a new infotainment system dubbed InControl. The system is designed around an 8-inch display with touch capability, but for added safety the driver can also input commands via voice control or buttons on the steering wheel.

Two of the main features of the InControl system are a Remote application for controling the vehicle remotely via a linked smartphone, and an Apps system that allows users to access apps from their mobile devices using the vehicle’s controls.

With the Remote application, anyone with an iOS or Android smartphone will be able to connect to the car from wherever they are and control a range of vehicle functions. These include seven-day timed pre-setting of the XE’s climate control system, locking or unlocking the doors, or starting the engine.

The Apps system allows users to seamlessly access smartphone apps through the vehicle’s touchscreen, making it easy to do everything from make a conference call, find a parking space or book a hotel room. The XE also functions as a Wi-Fi hotspot, enabling multiple devices to connect to the internet from inside the car.

One final bit of technology announced today is a laser-based head-up display, which will provide the driver with important info such as speed and directions. As well as better image quality, the laser-based system is said to be smaller and almost a third lighter than existing HUD systems.

The new XE, with aluminum construction as well as sophisticated chassis technology and a new, highly efficient range of Ingenium gasoline and diesel four-cylinder engines, is a critical car for Jaguar. The automaker will pull the covers off at a special event in London on September 8 before the car makes a formal debut at the 2014 Paris Auto Show in early October.


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