It's the type of story we usually dread telling. Using the words "fire" and the "Lamborghini" in the same sentence typically means disaster has struck, and another exotic bull has been put down. Thankfully, today isn't one of those days. Instead, we have a video of a Lamborghini Diablo SV that is shooting flames out of its exhaust rather than having fire burn it to the ground.

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The car in question wears modified exhaust outlets, and the owner is clearly excited to show them off. Maybe not the outlets, per se, but what is coming out of said ports. As the owner sits in neutral in a crowded space, the engine is continuously revved. As the throttle is let go, the overrun sees a healthy dump of fuel into the exhaust system and the result is fire. If only Tom Hanks' character in Cast Away found such a vehicle on his lonely island.

While we prefer the look of the stock exhaust, it's always fun to see flames coming out of the back of a car. At least for a little while anyway. If this owner isn't careful, they might wind up with a hefty repair order for a new bumper... to replace the one they've just melted.

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