The ultimate road-going track car, the Caparo T1, is about to spawn an even more potent ‘Evolution’ model, a teaser for which was recently released. Caparo is currently taking orders for its new T1 Evolution but is yet to say when it will be revealed. However, we do have some details on how much it will cost.

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A spokesman for the British firm told Autovisie that the T1 Evolution will cost 1.1 million euros (approximately $1.47 million). That’s about the same price as leading hypercars from Ferrari and McLaren, but the T1 is a much more exclusive car, with only a handful in existence—and the same will likely be true for the new T1 Evolution. The regular T1 seems like a bargain now considering it was only priced at 300,000 euros ($402,000).

Power in the T1 Evolution will come from a bespoke powertrain boasting a 700-horsepower output. The regular T1 had a 3.5-liter V-8 good for 575 horsepower. Some options that will be offered to buyers will include parts finished in silver, gold or platinum as well as track day packages.

Stay tuned for the reveal.


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