The steep driveway. It's the natural enemy of sports cars and supercars around the globe. Ears and hearts ring out with anger and sadness when the familiar scrape of plastic or carbon fiber meets tarmac. Some have evolved to combat this issue. Lamborghini has been installing front-end lift systems for years now, and a handful of other cars have been following suit.

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Thanks to the folks at Elephant Racing, we can see the system in action on the Porsche 911 991 GT3.

Elephant Racing already showed off the rear-steering system of the latest GT3. Now they've done something similar to highlight the front-axle lift system. The way the video is shot clearly shows all of the various pieces in action, and gives a good idea of how far the nose will come up. An iPhone serves as a stand-in for a steep driveway lip.

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It's a simple process. The car approaches the obstacle, a button is pressed, and science and engineering swing into action. The bottom of the car is now 30mm higher than it was, and expensive road-based enemies are avoided.


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