Everyone knows the story of the Mazda 787B. It's a glorious multi-rotor machine that remains the only Japanese car to win at Le Mans. It's a major figure in the world of motorsports, and it's glorious both to see and to hear. Less well known perhaps, is the car that came before it. It's called the Mazda 767B.. and it's as amazing to listen to, and possibly more beautiful to look at.

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Guy-with-amazing-life Maximillian Werner recently ran a Mazda 767B around the wonderful Belgian circuit of Spa. This was during an event called Spa Classic 2014, which saw a wide range of historic racing machines brought back to life. Luckily for Wener, his 767B is powered by a four-rotor 13J engine, which sounds like a demonic bee hell bent on pollinating every apex if comes across.

Although the 767B doesn't share the ultimate podium like its sibling 787B, it should be celebrated. The earlier car helped push development of the later car, and many of its mechanical elements were carried over. Still, the 787 did get a new engine, which was also a four-rotor but a more powerful one. Regardless, it's clear that Mr. Werner is celebrating the 767B, and we can only thank him for that.

We can also thank him for strapping cameras to the car. If you want to get an outside view, however, check out the video found here.


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