At the launch of the LaFerrari at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, Ferrari [NYSE:RACE] said it would build just 499 examples of the flagship supercar. But on top of this the automaker will build a handful of track-only ‘experimental’ cars as part of the XX program, and we may also see an additional run of LaFerrari Spiders—yes, convertible LaFerraris. The information first appeared in a report from Automobile Magazine.

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According to the report, there will be 30 of the XX cars, which will develop 1,050 horsepower in total system output, or about 100 hp more than the LaFerrari road car. This should give them the edge over their McLaren rival, the P1 GTR, which has been confirmed to develop 986 hp. We do know that an XX version of the LaFerrari is coming, as a senior Ferrari exec has confirmed the car for an early 2015 debut and a prototype has already been seen lapping the Nürburgring.   

Although yet to be confirmed by Ferrari, the LaFerrari Spider is said to be destined for a production run of just 50 cars. You may recall the Italian automaker did something similar with its previous 599, launching a limited run of 80 convertible versions dubbed the SA Aperta. If the report is accurate, the LaFerrari Spider will be double the price of the LaFerrari coupe, and only Ferrari’s most loyal customers will be offered a build slot.


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