Canadians have a reputation for politeness, but all of the Canadians in this video put that theory to the test. The worst behavior comes from the driver of the Ferrari F430 ahead of the chase car, but the foul-mouthed videographers aren’t much better.

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So what is happening here? An exotic car touring company is out for a drive, somewhere in Canda, according to GT Spirit. Typically, a group of people are put together to take turns driving hardware they’d never normally be able to afford, driving (ideally) at legal speeds through interesting roads.

But even at low speeds, as you can see here, the raw power of a supercar can be too much for some people to handle. Coming out of a slow turn, the driver of the F430 gets on the gas, the rear end comes around, and he’s nose-first into the guardrail before he knows what’s happened.

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As the guys taping the whole scene note, his wallet is probably the most catastrophic injury in the whole scene.

Caution: There is some strong language at the end of the video.