The Mercedes AMG Formula One team is dominating the current season, with one of its drivers named the victor at every race held so far. Part of the reason for the winning streak is the hard work engineers at Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains, based in Brixworth, England, put into developing the 2014 F1 power unit.

Understandably, the Mercedes-Benz road car division is keen to tap some of those engineering skills and will look to work more closely with the F1 engine builder going forward. The information was revealed by Mercedes R&D boss Thomas Weber during an interview with Autocar.

“Now with this really qualified team of engineers [at Brixworth], I have some ideas to do some of the advanced engineering studies and advanced development activities, and maybe also production of high-end models,” Weber said. “The reason we can play this card is because Brixworth boss Andy Cowell reports direct to me."

Weber didn’t reveal any specifics but it’s likely we’ll see Mercedes AMG HPP help develop vehicle electrification technology for future AMG models. Senior AMG execs have previously said that electrified vehicles are the future. Another area of collaboration would likely be lightweight construction. Note, Mercedes AMG HPP previously helped develop the SLS AMG Electric Drive.

Ferrari and McLaren both use their F1 knowhow to develop road cars, and recently Williams partnered with Nissan to help develop some of its NISMO models. Now it looks like Mercedes will be seeking the aid of its own F1 team to help develop its future models.


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