These days, it seems supercars aren't just measured by how fast they can go, but how much fire they can shoot out of their exhausts. The Lamborghini Aventador started it all when its exhaust gases were used to cook a Christmas turkey, but now it's got a new challenger in the form of the McLaren 12C.

In this video--taken during a supercar gathering at Weeze Airport in Germany--a pair of supercar owners decided to see who had the biggest flame. The Lambo puts out a hellish blue conflagration from its single central exhaust outlet, but the McLaren was a literal flamethrower, shooting twin tails of fire that look like the thrust-producing exhaust of a jet fighter.

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McLaren is on a bit of a roll here. A pair of P1 supercars recently put on an impressive flame-throwing performance at Abu Dhabi's Yas Marina Formula One circuit, which makes the British brand the current automotive fire lord.

However, the 12C won't be breathing fire for long. McLaren recently announced that it is discontinuing the model in favor of the new 650S unveiled at last month's Geneva Motor Show. That means it's only a matter of time until one of the new cars shows up on the Internet as a very expensive marshmallow roaster.


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