It's funny how one movie can turn a car into a legend. Such is the case with Smokey and the Bandit, and the Pontiac Trans Am. Sure the Trans Am looked pretty cool thanks to its t-top and fire chicken on the hood, but it wasn't bursting with power thanks to the arrival of emission controls. That 6.6-liter motor was choking, but if freed up a bit it could turn into a screamer... and that's what Mr. Burt Reynolds must've done with his machine in order to evade Sheriff Buford T. Justice.

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The film came out in 1977 and now in 2014 we're talking about it again thanks to Mobil 1 and Tony Stewart. The pair have teamed up for a six-part web series where it looks like Stewart plans to portray the Bandit himself. Yes, we're wildly jealous of his prepped and ready Pontiac, complete with CB antenna.

Check out part one above, and stay tuned for the rest of the series because it should prove to be rather excellent. Let's go Eastbound and Down and let that song get stuck in your head all day... don't fight it, it's a good one to sing along to while piloting pretty much any four-wheeled or 18-wheeled machine.


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