Chevrolet has only recently pulled the wraps off its new Camaro Z/28. The first press drives of the car occurred about two weeks ago, and our own ride along of the development cars happened at the end of 2013. That doesn't mean that aftermarket tuning companies don't have their plans in order. In fact, Callaway is ready to go with a rather wild tune up of the already aggressive two door.

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The car is called the Callaway Camaro Z/28 SC652. It's that last bit of alphanumerics that should get you excited. The SC stands for supercharger, and the 652 stands for, you guessed it, the horsepower figure. We suppose it could also stand for the fuel economy rating if you pop a decimal point in between the six and the five. Who cares though, because this thing will surely be a focused rocket ship wearing bow-tie badges. Additionally, Callaway only plans to build ten examples, so they won't wreck the planet too badly. They will instead wreck race tracks, gas cards, and HOA noise agreements.

Callaway is leaving the heavily engineered bits alone, which is smart. Especially considering that the Camaro Z/28 utilizes massive Brembo carbon ceramic brakes, motorsports-based spool-valve suspension dampers, and approximately the same amount of aero upgrades that the last space shuttle employed. Should you desire such a machine, you'll have to act quickly to make sure you get one of the ten. You'll also need to fork over $19,995 on top of the $75,000 Camaro Z/28 base price.

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After you do that, you can expect 0-60 runs in around 3.7 seconds and quarter mile blasts that take up just 11.5 seconds of your time.


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