The news that Porsche's newest take on the hardcore 911, the GT3, would come in PDK-only form was taken a bit hard by some enthusiasts. We totally understand the lack of a three-pedal in the GT3--it's the street-going track version of the car, after all, and race cars have flappy paddle gearboxes these days.

But some fans long for the purity and engagement of the classic stickshift, and, according to a report from Car and Driver, it might still happen. The boffins at Porsche are said to be "strongly considering" adding a manual transmission to the GT3, but not the standard model--the even harder-core GT3 RS.

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We already have a fairly good idea of what's to come from the new 911 GT3 RS, including a launch date some time this summer. Curb weight should check in somewhere below the standard GT3's 3,152-pound mark thanks to more carbon fiber, a synthetic rear window, and an even more spartan cabin. Power, gearing, and suspension will also likely be tuned for even better track performance. The result should be a very impressive car all around--and one capable of laps around the 'Ring in something less than the GT3's 7:25 benchmark.

To our tastes, the PDK is a fine choice for the GT3 RS, but the choice of a manual for those who feel the need is fine by us, too. Of course, even if Porsche doesn't offer the manual this time around, you can always satisfy your old-school cravings with an old-school (or slightly less new-school) GT3 RS.


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