Law enforcement officials are always on the look out for new ways to stop lawbreakers on the run. The current crop of systems are difficult and tricky to use or they simply put the run to an end quickly by way of lethal force. We're caught between a spike strip, the PIT manuever, and a variety of guns.

There could be a few tech-based options, however, floating just around the corner. We've heard about a variety of EMP-based systems, which utilize electromagnetic pulses to disable electronic devices in a given area. Even NATO is examining the technology to help put a stop to traveling terrorists. There might be another way out there as well, and it involves radio pulses.

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A British Company called E2V is testing a system that sends out radio pulses, which then confuse the electronic systems in a vehicle and cause the engine to turn off. This is as if the vehicle stalled, which means it can still be controlled and brought to a stop more safely than with other methods. It seems that it's even safe enough to be used on foes attempting to flee on two-wheeled machines.

Traditionally, if someone is running from the police on a motorcycle, law enforcement can't typically deploy the spike strips because it could prove catastrophic for the rider. You want to stop them, not kill them.

Some worry that this radio-based system could also disrupt braking and steering systems on the latest vehicles. E2V reports that the risk of this occurring is far lower than with alternative means currently being developed. Of course, if you're reading all of this and you happen to be a baddie... just drive a classic car with minimal electrical components.


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